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We are a highly specialized enterprise for Navigation Technology. With our compact team we manage to play on eye level with much more known and larger companies. We continuously develop our own navigation technology MapTrip. At the moment the hottest market is the area of autonomous driving. On the basis of our Navigation SDK we have developed an Electronic Horizon. The horizon informs the car about the path ahead, about its idiosyncrasies and attributes, curve radius, traffic and speed limits.

We are looking for a motivated Android experienced employee (m/f) to support our app-development

You will be working in a team of five colleagues and together you will be responsible for the continuous development of our Navigation App MapTrip. In addition, you will support our customers with the integration of interfaces with our SDKs.

You will find an exciting and demanding job at infoware with many chances to develop as well as nice colleagues. Sympathy and social attributes are just as important as knowledge and qualification.


We are looking for colleagues who will give us input with their own ideas and who will be able to follow through the various processes from conception to implementation. Customer Service should not be missing.

You should be contributing with knowledge of programming in Java. The navigation software is very complex, and you have to be able to move analytically and systematically. The mastering of the regular development tools for coding systems and bug tracking are a must.

  • Do you have your own ideas and can you pursue them independently from conception to implementation?
  • Can you dovetail seamlessly into a well-functioning team?
  • Are you technically qualified and can you contribute to the team effort to take our MapTrip navigation app forward?
  • Can you deal with customers and provide them with answers to their questions?

What we expect from you:

  • Solid programming knowledge and skills in Java
  • Analytical and systematic approach
  • Secure handling of the usual development tools for code management and bug tracking

About infoware

infoware was founded in 1984 and employs 25 staff members. We are specialized in the development of navigation software as well as software components for autonomous driving.

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