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Wed 14.08.2019

Useful: Our navigation glossary explains technical terms

The navigation industry now uses its own technical jargon, which is not always easy to understand. Sometimes nuances are enough to create a whole new...

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Wed 03.07.2019

MapTrip Remote: Telematics framework for MapTrip Navigation

In our new telematics framework MapTrip Remote we have combined navigation, server and web to a new whole, so that you can use the functionality of...

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Wed 15.05.2019

Test MapTrip Detour Editor now!

The Detour Editor is intended for police, fire and rescue teams and is part of the navigation software MapTrip 112. With the Detour Editor you can...

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Thu 09.05.2019

MapTrip 4.9: The new release is out now

In the new release 4.9 there are some new functions with which our navigation MapTrip can be used even better. We have compiled an overview of some of...

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Tue 22.01.2019

Emergency Routing 4.0 - saves valuable minutes!

The new IT solution for emergency services that supports data managers, dispatchers and drivers. Developed with Trafficon and PRISMA solutions, our...

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Thu 17.01.2019

Welcome MapTrip 4.8 and discover the new functions!

Just in time for the beginning of 2019 our new MapTrip Release 4.8 is now available. We have packed in a total of 17 new functions with which MapTrip...

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Thu 08.11.2018

infoware and PDI Partner to Provide Safe Navigation for the Transport of Dangerous Goods with MapTrip

We are delighted to have a new vendor in PDI, who is offering MapTrip’s navigation technology in OilDroid, the company's logistics software for the...

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Mon 10.09.2018

Have you tested the new release of our FollowMe editor yet? You will love the usability!

A new look was not the primary reason why we have further developed the FollowMe editor. The main purpose of the project was to provide better...

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Mon 10.09.2018

Editing maps - is it useful?

In the past we have modified the standard map material for some customers. For which industries does this make sense and what are the benefits for you...

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Wed 06.06.2018

IFAT 2018 - An eye-catcher and ingreat demand

The IFAT was a great success and has shown that the demand for custom-fit navigation solutions is growing.

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Mon 20.11.2017

New special navigation for emergency vehicles: Launch of MapTrip 112

Our newly developed MapTrip 112 helps drivers of emergency vehicles reach the respective location in the shortest possible time by using a number of...

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Fri 25.08.2017

EVS30 fair in Stuttgart: infoware presents Connected Electronic Horizon for electric vehicles

Determining the range of electric vehicles more precisely, supported by the Connected Electronic Horizon from the navigation manufacturer infoware....

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