create a gps navigation app with MapTrip SDK
How to build your own GPS navigation app

Our trainee Hendrik has programmed his own FollowMe navigation with the MapTrip SDK. In the video he explains briefly what you have to pay attention to. You can download his app on GitHub.

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MapTrip Navigation Interface
GPS-Navigation Remote Controlled

You can remote control the MapTrip GPS navigation app from your own app by using MapTrip API interface. In this video we explain the concept of the interface and how to avoid common mistakes.

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MapTrip 112

We developed this GPS Navigation especially for Police, Fire Departments and Ambulances. Learn in the video how it is different…

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Case Study – EMEREC relies on comprehensive navigation support

Based in Austria, Rosenbauer International AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of fire fighting and…

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Navigation systems for logisticians

Professional routing for a safe journey Many transport companies use Google Maps as a mobile app to…

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How do dispatchers get their vehicles (and drivers) to drive exaclty the routes they specify?

Standard Route vs. Reference Route vs. FollowMe Let’s say that you, as the dispatcher, would like to give a…

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Traffic information in today’s age

How modern navigation systems use Big Data for route guidance and traffic jam avoidance. Overview of the…

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New FAQ section on our Website

We have been active over the summer and have set up a new FAQ section on our website.

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Useful: Our navigation glossary explains technical terms

The navigation industry now uses its own technical jargon, which is not always easy to understand.

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