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Fri 21.04.2017

Overview of Smartphone Connectivity Systems

MirrorLink, mySPIN, Smart Device Link or OpenCar: A wild battle is raging in the car between Google, Apple and automobile manufacturers! Google and...

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Fri 31.03.2017

Connectivity test: MirrorLink from VW (Video)

MirrorLink is the product of CarConnectivity Consortium (CCC), to which VW, Honda and Peugeot, among others, have joined forces.

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Wed 29.03.2017

Negotiating killer curves safely with mySPIN

“mySPIN for 2-Wheeler” is the basis of our new “killer curve” app. It helps motorcyclists take note of the special challenges posed by these curves...

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Thu 23.02.2017

Brand-new: MapTrip SDK for Linux

Our portfolio keeps on growing! We already provide our MapTrip SDK for Windows, iOS and Android and now it is also available for Linux operating...

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Wed 15.02.2017

Guest presentation at OpenCar in Las Vegas

We have been working for some time on bringing apps from the smartphone into the car with intelligent linking to navigation.

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Tue 20.12.2016

Infoware presents: Killer curves on German roads

We have surveyed the road network in Germany for dangerous curves. Using a well-functioning search pattern, we have found about 5,000 killer curves...

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Thu 08.12.2016

MapTrip versus TomTom – who is the winner?

We regularly test our MapTrip navigation system against other service providers. This time we've taken on TomTom as a strong opponent! The test was...

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Tue 29.11.2016

Maptrip again received recognition as the best traffic app

The infoware MapTrip navigation system has done it again. As in 2015, it again garnered the coveted Apps Magazine award for the best traffic app in...

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Tue 29.11.2016

Market survey: end users do not value OEM services

"End users hardly value the investments of car manufacturers in networking and their own services." The conclusion that this study came to confirmed...

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Fri 18.11.2016

New traffic jam warning function in MapTrip

The new traffic jam warning function in our MapTrip navigation application not only sends out a visual warning, but also an acoustic one when there is...

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Tue 08.11.2016

Data consumption in the autonomous vehicle

When vehicles travel autonomously on our roads in the future, they will not only need fuel in the form of gasoline, diesel, electricity or hydrogen....

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Wed 20.07.2016

infoware at the CAR-HMI EUROPE: Car + Smartphone = Success?

High-level international HMI experts in the automotive industry once again met in Berlin at the Car-HMI Europe and discussed current and future...

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