GPS navigation in a new dimension: infoware on the Auto Apps Evolution

Car Apps, Advanced Navigation, Autonomous-driving & Co .: The automotive world is changing rapidly. Today it is not so much to get more performance out of a vehicle, but more services for the driver or passenger has to offer. infoware the middle of it - because little goes without navigation!

LKW Navigation auf der auto apps evolution 2014

What are the Navi Apps of tomorrow? We know it!

On 22 and 23 September in Berlin on the car Apps Evolution is all about the future of the car. But one thing remains: it is on the way - and so it needs guidance, navigation and intelligent use of geospatial data and traffic information.

As a specialist in navigation we are: an information stand, but especially with our expertise, our opinion and of course with the akuellsten versions of our navigation solution Maptrip and our SDK. For us, it's primarily about the intelligent combination of connected services and a system for driver support.

Specifically, our solutions offer useful functionality around routing and navigation as a speed and a fuel Assistant or current traffic information into a single surface - available for all major platforms and operating systems.

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