MapTrip: Integrated, comprehensive solution at IAA Commercial Vehicles

Telematics and logistics solutions would be hard pressed to make do without navigation. Every driver is thankful for added convenience on his routes. This is precisely the challenge infoware has chosen to accept: Navigation that is truly useful.

No wonder that major telematics solutions use MapTrip as an integral component – on display at not one but 2 exhibition stands at IAA Commercial Vehicles.


Telematics and navigation – two sides of the same coin

Telematics is always a topic at IAA Commercial Vehicles. From 25 September to 2 October 2014, it is all about mobility, transportation and logistics – and of course also telematics.

A telematics system is an all-rounder: Not just simple positioning, but also automatic trip planning, route selection, commercial vehicle navigation and data analysis. In short, you cannot get around the topics of navigation and route planning.

Our MapTrip navigation solution is not only of interest as a standalone solution, it has proven itself above all as an integral component of logistics or of course telematics solutions. How deep integration can go and how many functions are seamlessly incorporated in commercial systems through highly developed APIs is demonstrated by two of our partners at IAA Commercial Vehicles:

·        Navkonzept (hall 1, exhibition stand C22) has fully integrated MapTrip in its telematics portfolio; as integrated navigation for passenger and commercial vehicles, but also as an individual positioning and planning solution.

·        In the ZAMIK system of the Zauner software office (hall 11, exhibition stand A11), MapTrip is integrated with other ZAMIK components fully integrated on proprietary hardware – tailored to customers in fleet management and telematics.

If you want to experience MapTrip as a white label navigation component – now is your chance!