Automotive navigation SDK (software development kit)

Best development tools for great navigation

Award-winning navigation, the best map material and more than 400 functions – our MapTrip SDK is the professional and comprehensive development kit to customise your navigation system. The MapTrip SDK gives you the option to integrate maps from OSM, TomTom or Here, traffic data from different providers, speed cameras, fuel prices and the weather, or other real-time data. Maptrip offers all the functions necessary to develop a full-featured navigation system and is so flexible that it meets every diverse need.

Navigation software for the automotive sector

We have been developing navigation software for B2B customers for more than 10 years. Proven server architecture, experienced staff and our scalable backend ensure the flawless performance of our products and a high level of acceptance among our customers. Our team is highly specialised in navigation and able to provide you with fast and efficient support, especially also in much-customised solutions.

Our MapTrip SDK meets the highest demands of individuality

Every company has its own requirements when it comes to navigation, often resulting from the application scenario of the vehicles. A police or emergency vehicle needs different functions than a normal car or bus. You should be able to develop your navigation system as individually as possible with our SDK. There are now more than 400 functions available for use.

Data flexibility

Worldwide map coverage

Decide on a case-by-case basis whether you want to work with free OSM data or the top-quality data from TomTom or Here.

On-board/off-board availability of maps

Both on-board and off-board data is available. On-board data storage is not necessary. Map updates can be done online, so you are always driving with the very latest map information.


Choose excellent real-time traffic information (Traffic Live, Traffic Prognose, Traffic Statistic) from our product offering:

Other dynamic data

Complete your customised navigation with dynamic data such as fuel prices, speed cameras, weather info or parking data which you can access in real time. Data from third parties can also easily be integrated.

Monitoring the route

Our high-performance software always calculates the best route through the traffic. It monitors your route and sounds an alarm when user-defined events occur (traffic jam ahead, wrong-way drivers, black ice ...). Have a look at the simulation in our Road Companion app that demonstrates how this monitoring works.