24th symposium of ak dmaw in Bonn

January 20-21, 2020 in Bonn

Connected car | intelligent smartphone and car networking

infoware provides brand-specific solutions

The connectivity needed to introduce apps from a smartphone in the car and link them to the navigation pose a major challenge. We develop your brand-specific solution based on the many available systems. This way, smartphone apps find their way much faster and safer onto the monitor in the car and integrate them into the vehicle communication.

Integrate smartphone apps in the car

To bring the smartphone world into the car is a highly innovative automotive topic. Users want to have full access to their smartphone apps in their vehicles. Drivers can use compatible smartphone apps easily and safely with voice commands and controls in the cockpit of the car.

Google with Android Auto and Apple with CarPlay have already positioned themselves very well in this regard, but the automobile manufacturers are not prepared to give this market up so easily. There are scores of solutions to enable the operation of the apps over the entertainment system.

By making use of one of these options, the driver no longer needs to operate the apps via his or her cell phone, but can use the existing knobs and switches in the vehicle. This increases safety on the road, because the driver is less distracted and can use the full range of apps at the same time.

infoware supports automobile manufacturer standards

We are already in a position to implement projects based on Mirrorlink and Smart Device Link. Should your app be connected to the navigation in a specific form? Or do you need navigation functionalities within your system? Talk to us. We can provide full navigation features, or offer only a simple version.

Overview of Smartphone Connectivity Systems

Article: Overview of Smartphone Connectivity Systems

MirrorLink, Smart Device Link or OpenCar: A wild battle is raging in the car between Google, Apple and automobile manufacturers!

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Connectivity test: MirrorLink from VW (Video)

Connectivity test: MirrorLink from VW (Video)

MirrorLink is the product of CarConnectivity Consortium (CCC), to which VW, Honda and Peugeot, among others, have joined forces.

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Guest presentation at OpenCar in Las Vegas

Guest presentation at OpenCar in Las Vegas

We have been working for some time on bringing apps from the smartphone into the car with intelligent linking to navigation.

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