Connected Electronic Horizon by infoware

More safety for autonomous driving

Our Connected Electronic Horizon is permanently linked to the cloud. Firstly, it transfers map data, simplifying the update of maps. Secondly, it sends the vehicle dynamic data in real time about the route ahead. This way we provide valuable data for safe autonomous driving.

Navigational expertise from the cloud

infoware is one of the leaders in the development of the cloud-based electronic horizon. As industry experts in the field of navigation we have engaged ourselves with the topic of autonomous driving early on and developed our Connected Electronic Horizon for the automotive industry. As the development in autonomous driving is racing forward, we constantly integrate newly available functions and data to continuously improve our Connected Electronic Horizon.

Reduced accident potential, increased safety

Many types of vehicles from different manufacturers are already driving around on our roads semi-autonomously. They use various sensors and cameras with the appropriate software built into the cars. The car responds directly to the influences surrounding it.

The Connected Electronic Horizon from infoware complements these systems as a predictive driver assistance system. On the one hand it provides detailed route information in the form of digital maps and on the other it prepares vehicles for situations lying ahead by automatically adjusting the speed, for example. Through the link with the cloud, the vehicle receives information about situations that are much further ahead than what the vehicle sensors can detect.

In the electronic horizon even the smallest detail is essential

This means the car knows in advance what is coming, before it can even view and measure the route. This requires highly precise road geometry to serve as a basis for the continuous comparison of data currently measured by the vehicle. Lane edges, bicycle lanes, guard rails, centre lines and lane marker lines all have to be supplied by the Connected Electronic Horizon, down to every detail. If an obstacle suddenly appears, the vehicle has to perform avoidance manoeuvres and should therefore know whether there is a concrete barrier to the right of it or whether a bridge pier is coming up ahead. Here, as many redundancies as possible improve safety.

Dynamic data from the Connected Electronic Horizon by infoware

Highly accurate map data as reference information

  • Road types
  • Radius of curves
  • Inclines/downward gradients
  • Number of lanes

Dynamic data such as

  • Traffic information
  • Construction sites
  • Speed limits
  • Weather info

Data consumption in autonomous vehicles

Autonomous driving; this means enormous amounts of data. We have analysed the data usage of our Connected Electronic Horizon to provide an indication of the data volumes that can be expected.

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