Connected Traffic

MapTrip Connected Traffic guides you past traffic jams

With the increase in traffic, predicting the fastest route is becoming more and more important, because nobody wants to spend valuable time in traffic jams.

MapTrip Connected Traffic uses RTTI data (Real Time Traffic Information), which we receive from various providers and combine with other route data, to calculate routes. MapTrip has already received several awards for this type of real-time calculation.

Connected Traffic is a chargeable module of MapTrip that can be booked separately.

This is what you get with MapTrip Connected Traffic

Always the fastest route in every traffic situation



Less time in traffic jams



Exact arrival times (ETA)



Available in real time for almost all roads



Calculate the fastest route in MapTrip based on real-time data

MapTrip provides for each vehicle type the fastest route for the respective traffic situation with a very precise arrival time.

Our basis: real-time traffic information for the entire road network

The basis is formed by very extensive, current and precise traffic data (statistical traffic data and RTTI real-time traffic data), e.g. from TomTom, Inrix or Here.
Not only the highways are mapped, but also an extensive network down to local, inner-city roads.

Statistical Traffic Data

RTTI real-time traffic data

Traffic Events

interval transmission

This is how the modern route calculation in MapTrip works

At regular intervals, the calculations for the requested route are repeated on our traffic servers with the then current vehicle position, so that the best route with precise ETA can always be specified.

The route calculation is based on the average speeds of ALL road sections. This provides much greater precision than the classic route calculation (TMC), which only works on road class-dependent unit values in conjunction with traffic jam messages.








MapTrip Connected Traffic calculates routes based on LIVE traffic data, forecast data and statistical traffic data.

MapTrip Connected Traffic transmits only minimal amounts of data

To minimize the volume of data transmitted, the route is calculated on the MapTrip servers, taking into account all available traffic data. The MapTrip app only loads the traffic-optimized route that is required for destination guidance. MapTrip Connected Traffic therefore requires an Internet connection to avoid traffic jams. However, the amount of data transferred is minimal.