Frequently Asked Questions

Many people who are interested in professional navigation systems like MapTrip for the first time have similar questions. On this page we offer answers to the most frequently asked questions. All answers are up to date. 

What makes MapTrip different from Google Maps?

Does MapTrip require an Internet connection?

Which operating systems are supported?

What are the system requirements?

My vehicle symbol is not displayed on the road at the beginning of the destination guidance. What is the reason for this?

How can I change the colours of the map?

How does emergency routing in MapTrip 112 differ from regular routing?

Can I integrate my own POI categories and POI data?

What map data is available for MapTrip?

Placing map updates on the navigation devices is a huge problem. Is there a solution?

Is MapTrip a pure online navigation?

Which truck restrictions are taken into account?

Is it also possible to show the position of other vehicles during the running time?

Is it possible to visualize the status of emptied and non-emptied garbage cans during the running time?

How much data consumption does MapTrip have with Connected Traffic?

What is the memory consumption of MapTrip under Android/Windows?

How big is the application?

What do I do if I have special navigation requirements?

Does MapTrip also work internationally?

Are (real-time) traffic data available?

Is MapTrip an offline navigation?

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Detailed information can be found in the comprehensive documentation in our Developer Zone. Or contact us directly, we will be happy to help you by phone or e-mail.