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All “mobile industries” need geocoding and the connection of addresses to geodata. The need for tailor-made map solutions for back-end, web, smart phone, tablet and print applications is growing. MapSuite offers full map functionality from route calculation and geocoding to navigation and traffic data.

More precisely: With the framework technology, infoware visualises maps, supports individual route planning and navigation with traffic information for precise routes without congestion, calculates distances using a distance matrix and allows all of these components to be integrated into extended planning tools and scheduling software. Basic functions such as zooming, panning and hiding or showing elements are predefined in the MapSuite JavaScript API – naturally with a modern look & feel.

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  • The layout of the available base maps from TomTom, Nokia or OpenStreetMap can be freely designed. MapTrip is available as a white label product for OEM use or as a branded product. The scalability and reliability of MapSuite is proven through its use by our customers: Yellow Pages is getting 1.5 billion hits per year.
  • Platforms: Windows Server, Windows XP - Vista - 7
  • Types: Local applications, client server architecture, naturally with a modern look & feel.
Extensions and add-ons

Extensions and add-ons

  • Traffic server: Congestion or flowing traffic? Construction sites or detours? This information flows to MapSuite from the traffic server, supporting optimum route planning.
  • DIMA server (distance calculation): Tour planning requires a distance matrix. But measuring distances alone does not help determine the driving time between the points. You get more with infoware: We combine distances with statistical as well as real-time information about traffic flows. Your customers will appreciate your punctuality.
  • Travelling salesman optimisation: Determining the optimum sequence of stops.
  • Toll calculation: What is the trip cost? Determining the price and the best route also includes calculating tolls for all alternative routes.
  • MapCMS: Stopover desired? Then it's best to pick an interesting place. Doing so means first determining your own position. Then the definition of a point of interest (POI) can be freely determined in MapCMS – as well as the time during which such a place is displayed on the map.
  • Multimodal public transit services routing: Park & ride is a popular trend. But navigation from the street route to the next suitable stop requires certain information: From normal route planning with traffic information and the expected arrival time to the departure times for buses and trains, schedules, stops, transfers and parking garages. We offer everything in one module.




Software Dev. Kit

Software Dev. Kit

MapSuite is a software development kit that allows developers to create tailor-made mapping solutions for backend, web, smart phone, tablet and print applications. Basic map functions such as route calculation, geocoding, navigation or traffic data are available as flexible modules. Basic functions are predefined in the MapSuite JavaScript API and it also supports the straightforward programming of web applications. Learn more about features and modules, the technical basis and the data sources in the Developer Zone.

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