MapTrip JavaScript API

You too can rely on the powerful MapServer for the web, smartphone and backend

With its extensive functions and high-performance APIs, the MapTrip JavaScript API supports your programmers perfectly in the implementation of your customised map solutions. Mapping, routing and optimisation with extensive additional functions are just as important as their high scalability. With more than 1.5 billion hits per year, there has to be a good reason for customers to have been putting their trust in the MapTrip JavaScript API for more than 10 years.

Easy and sector-specific implementation of efficient business applications

Our MapTrip JavaScript API links addresses with map data and is the best basis for all high-performance applications in the B2B area. Map solutions for the web, smartphones, tablets and backend can be flexibly created and perfectly scaled as well. Mapping, routing, optimisation:

you focus on your layout, content and integration in your web portals, smartphone apps or logistical applications. We provide you with the best maps, all the current map features, as well as attractive and useful additional features.

Much more than mapping, routing, optimisation

Distance matrix, toll calculation, traffic server with traffic information, road closures or special lorry functions. The additional features of the MapTrip JavaScript API leave nothing to be desired.

Other benefits of the MapTrip JavaScript API


Functions such as zoom, pan or fading in and out of POIs are already predefined in the Javascript-based API. A map in modern design can be integrated in every website with a few lines of code. You decide between maps from TomTom, Here or OpenStreetMap and design the layout according to your wishes.

Data exchange with MapTrip

MapTrip is our award-winning navigation system for cars and trucks that perfectly harmonises with MapTrip JavaScript API. Your fleet will always use the best route, benefiting from cheap fuel prices, safe warnings against hazards and lightning, and from other well-thought-through MapTrip features. If you want your drivers to follow a fixed route, MapTrip JavaScript API will create MapTrip reference routes. All you need to do is to simply transfer them to MapTrip.

Secure hosting in Germany

We take care of the security of your data and host the application in secure German data centres. Alternatively, you can also take care of the hosting yourself.