The professional among navigation technologies

MapTrip is the modern and sophisticated navigation technology from infoware GmbH, which was distinguished as the currently best available traffic app in January 2016. With MapTrip, you can add numerous well-conceived navigation functions and add-ons to your customised industry software and make it even more attractive for your customers.

MapTrip MultiView – All important information always in view

MapTrip Companion: Multiview

  • Up to 3 different screens on a MultiView display
  • As per company specification or individually selectable
  • Suitable for screens from 7 inches upward

Better journeys thanks to MapTrip

convincing features

Navigation: comfortable driving, a relaxed arrival

Routing: MapTrip monitors your route

Effectiveness: employers are also happy about fuel savings

Valuable additional information: hazardous spots and speed limits

Industry-specific features (selection)

Optimum route planning for cars, HGVs, municipal and special vehicles

Example: reference routes

Example: FollowMe

MapTrip works with real-time data and services


Our companions are with you, wherever you go

MapTrip is set up on three different screen views, our companions. You can change between the views simply by swiping left or right, and fi nd the right screen for you.


Industry solutions

More customisation, less standardisation

Sophisticated functions and user friendliness are the focus with MapTrip. We have developed several industry-specific functions that specifically meet the requirements of companies from the following sectors:

  • Emergency Services
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Express Logistics
  • Waste Disposal Companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Fleet Management
  • Automotive Industry

Even more advantages with MapTrip

  • MapTrip is a high performer and supports all modern hardware platforms from PNDs and notebooks to smartphones and tablets.
  • MapTrip can be easily and securely integrated into your current software, individually configured and managed through your software using an API as well.
  • With the MapTrip SDK you create your own, future-proof and flexible navigation solution for your industry.

  • Profit from fully functional classic navigation plus maximum customisation.
  • MapTrip differentiates your industry solution thanks to customised design options.
  • Numerous features and add-ons are available for MapTrip.
  • MapTrip can be white-label or branded.
  • MapTrip is suitable for major brands, system houses and telematics specialists.