The professional among navigation technologies

MapTrip is the modern and sophisticated navigation technology from infoware GmbH, which was distinguished as the currently best available traffic app in January 2016. With MapTrip, you can add numerous well-conceived navigation functions and add-ons to your customised industry software and make it even more attractive for your customers.

Award-winning technology

MapTrip sets new standards in navigation

We are proud that our high-performance consumer navigation MapTrip App was awarded as the Best Traffic App 2015 – especially in light of the fact that we asserted ourselves against all other notable service providers.

MapTrip is basically an intelligent driver assistant system: based on a modern design and easy-to-use interface, MapTrip always displays the best route through the traffic jungle with the aid of lots of live information. MapTrip assists you on every trip, even on your daily route to work.

But MapTrip can also do a great deal more as the consumer app’s individual functions are part of our comprehensive navigation technology for B2B customers. More than 10 years of development and innovation have been invested, and users can experience its outstanding and reliable function on a daily basis.

In addition, MapTrip can be perfectly adjusted to different requirements. You can connect MapTrip to your own software using an interface or create your own customised solution using our Software Development Kit (SDK). Besides the classic navigation functions, you can also access sophisticated additional industry-specific functions. And we promise you: with MapTrip, navigation is simply even more fun!

Now with MultiView – new! ALL important information always in view

MapTrip Truck Multiview

  • Up to 3 different screens on a MultiView display
  • As per company specification or individually selectable
  • Suitable for screens from 7 inches upward

1. MapTrip Truck Navigation plus interface
With the help of the interface (API), you can control MapTrip Truck Navigation from your application, and receive important navigation data, e.g. the arrival time.

2. MapTrip Truck Navigation SDK
With SDK you can fully integrate all the functions into your own software, and adjust them to it, or create your own freight forwarding navigation.

Better journeys thanks to MapTrip

convincing features

Navigation: comfortable driving, a relaxed arrival

Routing: MapTrip monitors your route

Effectiveness: employers are also happy about fuel savings

Valuable additional information: hazardous spots and speed limits

Industry-specific features (selection)

Optimum route planning for cars, HGVs, municipal and special vehicles

Example: reference routes

Example: FollowMe

MapTrip works with real-time data and services


Our companions are with you, wherever you go

MapTrip is set up on three different screen views, our companions. You can change between the views simply by swiping left or right, and fi nd the right screen for you.


Industry solutions

More customisation, less standardisation

Sophisticated functions and user friendliness are the focus with MapTrip. We have developed several industry-specifi c functions that specifi cally meet the requirements of companies from the following sectors:

  • Automotive industry
  • Logistics & transport
  • Express logistics
  • Waste disposal companies
  • Utility companies
  • Fleet management

Even more advantages with MapTrip

  • MapTrip is a high performer and supports all modern hardware platforms from PNDs and notebooks to smartphones and tablets.
  • MapTrip can be easily and securely integrated into your current software, individually configured and managed through your software using an API as well.
  • With the MapTrip SDK you create your own, future-proof and flexible navigation solution for your industry.

  • Profit from fully functional classic navigation plus maximum customisation.
  • MapTrip differentiates your industry solution thanks to customised design options.
  • Numerous features and add-ons are available for MapTrip.
  • MapTrip can be white-label or branded.
  • MapTrip is suitable for major brands, system houses and telematics specialists.

MapTrip plus Schnittstelle oder MapTrip SDK?

MapTrip bietet Ihnen beste Navigation mit vielen Highlights in zwei unterschiedlichen Versionen:

[Translate to Englisch:] MapTrip plus Schnittstelle
Mithilfe der Schnittstelle können Sie MapTrip aus Ihrer Anwendung heraus steuern und erhalten wesentliche Navigationsdaten wie z. B. die Ankunftszeit zurück.

[Translate to Englisch:] MapTrip SDK
Alternativ können Sie mit dem MapTrip SDK alle Funktionen von MapTrip vollumfänglich in Ihre eigene Software integrieren und anpassen oder eine eigene Navigation erstellen.

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