MapTrip 112 – navigation

Clears the way for optimal deployment

We all know speed is of the essence in any emergency situation and so is the assistance provided by a well-trained team, expertly supported by the MapTrip 112 navigation software that maps out the fastest route to the scene of the incident or emergency. The special functions for flashing lights and sirens guide all vehicles of the fire department, emergency and rescue services as well as the police to the scene of the incident without losing any time. Works perfectly in combination with existing control center software.

Meet our navigation experts at the Interschutz 2021 in Hannover

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Die INTERSCHUTZ wurde von 2020 auf 2021 verschoben.

We present MapTrip 112 for the first time at the Interschutz fair.

From June 14th-19th 2021 you can experience our special navigation system for fire brigades and other emergency services live in Hanover.

Experience for yourself how easy it is to make closures available for all vehicles with just one click via the Detour Editor. How MapTrip 112 can be started easily via SMS from the control center. Or how dispatchers in the control centre can easily remote control the vehicles.

We look forward to interesting conversations with you!

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Case Study Rosenbauer

Thomas Hartinger, Head of Operations Management at Rosenbauer International AG, explains the advantages of MapTrip 112 compared to standard solutions for navigation of emergency vehicles.

Read about how MapTrip 112 is a successful component of Rosenbauer's EMEREC software to help the emergency services.

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Ideal for efficient deployment with flashing lights and sirens

An emergency. Everything has to be done in double time. Making every movement count, the rescue team jump into the vehicle and the vehicle pulls out with flashing lights and siren. The driver knows the shortest route, but then suddenly encounters an unexpected road block. The vehicle must turn and take another route. Valuable time is lost. Time which may cost the lives of the victims. These – or similar scenes – are daily events on our streets. But is it possible to avoid situations like these?

MapTrip 112 navigation clears the way for optimal deployment

The ideal case: Control center software combined with MapTrip 112

With its special functions for flashing light and siren deployment, MapTrip 112 perfectly complements all control center software.

Even the most modern standard navigation systems are not sufficient for flashing light and siren applications. They simply lack the information on temporary local street closures, as these are generally not reported to the transport services; information that is vitally important for emergency vehicles.

Another weakness is the map data for which much more up-to-date and detailed information is available in the cities and control centers than in the standard map data.

Our MapTrip navigation system works with real-time information from numerous sources (traffic situation, weather, etc.) and use this accumulated data as the basis to always choose the best route.

MapTrip Detour Editor: Safely bypass all road closures

With the Detour Editor, you can prevent roadblocks such as construction sites or street festivals. The road closures are automatically synchronized with MapTrip 112 Navigation and will be avoided in the routes for your emergency vehicles. 

Road closures, events and temporary roadwork sites occur every day and depending on the extent of each individual situation, several streets can be affected. Municipal authorities are usually aware of this and pass this information on to the control centers. Using the Editor, dispatchers at the control center can easily enter all road closures in MapTrip. The server and MapTrip are constantly synchronized – this ensures that all data is immediately imported into the end devices of all vehicles and drivers can focus on traffic and on-coming deployment.

Automatic synchronization of the roadblocks in MapTrip 112

Expanding the standard map data

The available map data has to be adapted to suit the needs of flashing light and siren use and kept synchronized between the control center and the vehicles.

The example below shows a recording of the access to a sports field, which is not listed in the standard map data. When the data structuring process in infoware is completed, it appears as a regular road that MapTrip 112 can access.

Expanding the map data is useful for the following applications:

  • Lifting truck restrictions for emergency vehicles (bridges, residential areas)
  • Large factory premises, backyards
  • New roads, developing areas, etc.
  • Completion of access roads
Aerial image: view of the access road
Aerial image: view of the access road
Standard map data: the access road is missing
Standard map data: the access road is missing
When the data structuring process is completed: road is integrated
When the data structuring process is completed: road is integrated

Other, exciting additional features of MapTrip 112

  • Automatic transmission of the destination from the deployment site to the navigation device in the vehicle
  • Adjustment of travel time calculation due to higher speed of the emergency vehicles
  • Fixed reference route specification by the control center



  • Special flashing light and siren routing: clearing one-way streets, pedestrian zones or bus-taxi zones for access by emergency services
  • Modern and intuitive screen design: easy wiping between different screens

Emergency Routing 4.0 saves valuable time


Together with our partners Trafficon und PRISMA solutions we have developed this new modular IT solution for emergency services.

Read how this solution is designed to ensure maximum efficiency.

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We support system suppliers with our navigation expertise

Navigation systems have changed in recent years. Many new, innovative services are emerging, and more and more of these interesting real-time data can be integrated via the cloud.

This also increases the demands of users. On the one hand, the emphasis is on the optimal connection of the technical systems between control centers and vehicles. On the other hand, users expect functions that are tailored to their daily processes.

We are a professional partner who supports demanding system suppliers by extending their range of products and services with mobile navigation applications. If desired, MapTrip 112 also works cloud-based and constantly exchanges data with the server. The data that is relevant for emergency vehicles are collected through the special flashing light and siren functions and is used in the navigation system.

As a successful GPS navigation specialist, we develop special applications for many industries. Our flexibility is what sets us apart. Special customer wishes can be quickly customized and implemented.

MapTrip 112 is the ideal solution to complement your control center software

MapTrip 112 navigation clears the way for optimal deployment

  • MapTrip 112 is a powerful navigation system that supports all modern hardware platforms from PNDs and notebooks through smartphones and tablets.
  • Using APIs, MapTrip 112 can be easily and safely integrated into your existing software, individually configured and also controlled via your software.
  • The MapTrip software development kit (SDK) allows you to create your own future-proof and flexible navigation solution for your industry.
  • Benefit from the full functionality of cutting-edge navigation plus maximum customizability.
  • The individual design possibilities of MapTrip 112 enable you to differentiate your industry solution.
  • There are many features and add-ons available for MapTrip 112.