MapTrip API

Navigation plus interface

The professional MapTrip navigation application from infoware is the ideal add-on for industry-specific B2B software solutions. MapTrip can be easily managed from your own application via the interface (API).

MapTrip API = easy integration

The MapTrip API is your software’s connection to MapTrip. You can configure MapTrip via the API and manage the majority of the MapTrip processes from your application. At the same time MapTrip also reports information about the current navigation back to your software.

MapTrip plus interface offers you more than 50 functions, which help you with management:









Vehicle Profiles



Professional industry solutions

More customisation, less standardisation

Sophisticated functions and user friendliness are the focus with MapTrip. More than 10 years of development and innovation are invested in MapTrip and make us the best and most reliable navigation partner for professional customers.

We work in close collaboration with our customers and have optimised, refined and upgraded MapTrip with them. Many of the available functions are the result of years of experience that we have gained working with the following industries:

  • Emergency Services
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Express Logistics
  • Waste Disposal Companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Fleet Management
  • Automotive Industry

Total flexibility for your business

MapTrip API is the right solution if you

  • want to link your own software to a ready-made navigation system with little eff ort.
  • want to use the advantages of navigation without high development costs.
  • want to use the classic logistics functions (destination delivery, route list, update time of arrival and status information for navigation).

  • want to individually manage vehicle profiles (e.g. different sized HGVs).
  • need special functions that go beyond “normal” navigation.
  • always need the latest data for navigation (ETA, next manoeuvre...).
  • would like to provide scheduling with feedback.