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MapTrip FollowMe

MapTrip FollowMe shows you the way

MapTrip FollowMe is the perfect solution for waste disposal, street cleaners and anyone who relies on complex routes. With MapTrip FollowMe, different drivers can also traceably navigate the vehicles with pinpoint accuracy on specified routes – a specialised solution which we developed together with waste disposal companies.

MapTrip FollowMe explained

Pinpoint accurate navigation with MapTrip FollowMe

Employees who drive complex routes daily need pinpoint accurate navigation information.

MapTrip FollowMe safely directs your drivers along the provided routes, and allows them to meet each collection point exactly. Driver changes, which cannot always be avoided, are no longer a problem.

New routes can be documented and added to route planning easily with the help of a special function.

Route planning with MapTrip FollowMe

1. Simple recording of routes

Routes can be recorded easily in the vehicle with MapTrip FollowMe. At the same time, you can also record spoken instructions for the driver with these recorded journeys, e.g. „Reverse into here“.

2. Editor for post-processing

MapTrip FollowMe includes an editor where you can individually edit the newly recorded routes and add to them as required. As a result, you create the perfect route, which diff erent drivers can also follow in the specified time frame.

3. Targeted travelling of routes

Collection routes are marked in colour on the left, right or both sides. Transfer routes are also labelled as such. If the driver has to interrupt their tour or empty the vehicle, MapTrip FollowMe returns them precisely to this point again.

We’ve even thought of an off-road function

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