MapTrip Truck Navigation

Trailblazing for truck fleets

With MapTrip Truck Navigation from infoware, trucks get to the destination quickly and safely. Numerous individual adjustment possibilities for everyday freight forwarding business and easy integration into the desired workflow of the target system, make MapTrip Truck Navigation the perfect addition for freight forwarding and truck fleet software.

MultiView in MapTrip Truck Navigation - all important information in view

  • Up to 3 different screens on a MultiView display
  • As per company specification or individually selectable
  • Suitable for screens from 7 inches upward

In the right place at the right time

Navigation is becoming increasingly important for trucks, and an essential piece of planning software

Every day, freight forwarders and truck fleet operators face the huge challenge of optimising their logistics processes under increasing time and cost pressure.

An example: in many sectors, just in time deliveries are already a binding specification, due to the reduction of warehouse space, meaning that trucks act as mobile goods storage. At the same time, the volume of traffic is increasing, yet the goods still need to be in the right place at the right time.

Our experience in the navigation sector, which we have gained over years of working with numerous customers, also benefi ts your company. MapTrip Truck Navigation off ers you a completely reliable navigation software, with the best possible, individually adaptable additional functions, to control truck fleets.

As a software manufacturer, we thereby place a great deal of importance on simple and comprehensive integration into the desired workflow of the target system.

MapTrip Truck Navigation is available in two different versions

1. MapTrip Truck Navigation plus interface
With the help of the interface (API), you can control MapTrip Truck Navigation from your application, and receive important navigation data, e.g. the arrival time.

2. MapTrip Truck Navigation SDK
With SDK you can fully integrate all the functions into your own software, and adjust them to it, or create your own freight forwarding navigation.

Additional functions for freight forwarding traffic

Additional functions for HGVs support the workflows of freight forwarders and truck fleet operators

Adherence to HGV restrictions (height, width, weight...)

Hazardous goods transport

Always the fastest route

User optimised interface for easy operation

Best prognosis for arrival time

Reference route function

HGV parking

Cheap filling station along the route

Simple and clear

Example: Reference routes

In certain sectors (e.g. in hazardous goods transport) drivers must adhere precisely to specified routes, for various reasons, and cannot take the direct or fastest route. For this reason, scheduling can permanently specify a previously calculated reference route, via interfaces. If the vehicle deviates from this route, MapTrip Truck Navigation will continually lead the vehicle back to the reference route.

Example: FollowMe

FollowMe is a special additional function, which can be used for waste disposal or street cleaning, and is suitable for anyone who has to drive complex routes. With the identification of collection points and transfer routes, and additional information and spoken instructions, MapTrip is now the market leader for this application. Even difficult situations in new building developments, or other routes outside of mapped streets, can be mastered thanks to FollowMe.

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