MapTrip Remote

Navigation - simply controlled by using MapTrip Remote

MapTrip Remote is the perfect solution for companies that want to equip vehicles with navigation and have them controlled directly by a dispatcher. The framework includes MapTrip navigation on the mobile device, a JavaScript API and a browser application. The position of MapTrip vehicles can be observed live on a workstation computer and many other functions can be used without programming effort. 

See how MapTrip Remote works (English subtitles)

Flexible Integration

1. Ready-to-use solution, browser-based

  • Quickly available solution for vehicle control/navigation 
  • Web application directly in the browser 
  • Live tracking of vehicles incl. ETAs, tour optimization, sending destinations/tours to vehicles

2. Integration into websites

  • Easy inline frame integration into a website or desktop application

3. Integration into a telematics application

  • Use the entire telematics infrastructure with our JavaScript API
  • For customers who require additional functions in addition to the vehicle control system
  • Easy and fast transfer of remote functions into your application

Available functions without programming effort

Display of the current position of a MapTrip device on the map

Start destination guidance to an address

Send multiple destinations as a tour to a MapTrip device

Perform sequence optimization of several addresses and send to device

Show current route

Query expected arrival time (ETA) of a MapTrip device

Sending a reference route to a MapTrip device

The technique? The infoware navigation cloud!






The remote web application sends a navigation target to the infoware cloud. This transmits the destination to the corresponding MapTrip device. All the driver has to do is to confirm and drive off.