MapTrip Truck knows all the restrictions

• Truck restrictions are considered in routes
• Optimized routes for large, medium and small trucks
• Realistic travel time calculation

Routes custom tailored for your truck

Optimal routes considering:

• Height, width, length and weight
• Dangerous goods
• Environmental zones

Traffic in the focus

• Larger vehicles deserve larger screens
• Complete overview of traffic and route
• Up to 3 different screens on the multiview display

Proven in the market

MapTrip Truck combines the best maps with the best traffic data and the most accurate routing and traffic avoidance system.

The ETA calculation is among most exact, reliable and leading in the industry.

What makes a great Truck Navigation is the combination of great data with excellent technology and a huge amount of experience.

MapTrip Truck has proven itself in the market for over a decade and incorporates the feedback from thousands of truckers.


FollowMe is a special additional function, which can be used for waste disposal or street cleaning, and is suitable for anyone who has to drive complex routes.

With the identification of collection points and transfer routes, and additional information and spoken instructions, MapTrip is now the market leader for this application.

Even difficult situations in new building developments, or other routes outside of mapped streets, can be mastered thanks to FollowMe.