Industry solutions

The right navigation system for each sector

Every industry has its own requirements and needs, and we have the ambition to provide them with the right functions. Our solutions are already used in many sectors by the widest variety of customers. Depending on requirements, you can install our navigation functions into your software using an extensive software development kit (SDK) or control our navigation app via an API.

Logistics – MapTrip Truck

The logistics industry is increasingly under time and cost pressures. Traffic density increases constantly. MapTrip Truck Navigation has been optimised with many additional functions for use by freight-forwarding companies. Intuitive interfaces and clear design modelled after the classic consumer products turn the navigation system for drivers of your forwarding company into a smooth ride.

MapTrip Truck Navigation has in the meantime become an essential part of the planning software for many logistics companies. With our advanced frontend and backend technology, you can easily enrich telematics software and logistical planning tools with our numerous navigation functions.

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Disposal – MapTrip FollowMe

Maptrip FollowMe is a special version of our MapTrip app with additional functions for waste disposal, street cleaning and all those who have to follow complex routes. The identification of work and transfer routes as well as additional information and voice prompts now make MapTrip FollowMe the market leader in this sector. New developments and routes off the mapped streets and roads can be identified, edited and converted into new routes using the off-road function of FollowMe.

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Police, fire brigade, rescue and ambulance service – MapTrip 112 for emergency vehicles

In an emergency, everything has to happen quickly. For this reason it is crucial that the control centres transmit the operating data to the vehicles so that the field staff can get on the road immediately. Emergency vehicles are allowed to drive against the flow of traffic in one-way streets or pedestrian areas in an emergency. Continuous synchronisation with our route server enables MapTrip 112 to make detours of road works, accidents or barricades, which the control centre can also feed into the MapTrip system. Because police systems are closed systems for security reasons and not connected to the general traffic information.

These and some other special functions are included in the MapTrip 112 emergency operations navigation system. It enables emergency personnel from the police, rescue and ambulance service or fire brigade to reach their destination as quickly and safely as possible to provide the much needed assistance.

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