Connected Fleets Europe – Technology helps save costs

It was always about only one thing. Or at least, usually. Cost saving measures was much discussed among the approximately 150 participants at the Connected Fleets Europe 2015 on March 10 and 11th. Everyone agreed that there is still a lot of room for further gains. In fact, only an estimated 20 to 30 percent of the fleet operators consistently use technology.

Again, it looks differently in the USA – a country in which the fleets are significantly larger making it thus essentially more quickly worthwhile to use technology. The fragmented market here at home makes a quick change difficult. There are tools, however: The assortment at the trade show was considerable. Back-end and front-end software for professional use, hardware such as black boxes, SIM cards, displays and mobile solutions. And we are right in the middle with our Navigation software – and with the discussion about integrated processes, a flow of information from dispatchers to vehicles and back.

But it is not only about dispatchers or managers. A lot depends on the drivers as well. It is they who must drive the correct route, respond correctly to changes, and adapt their driving style so that they save. That is why the topic of driver training and driver assistance also repeatedly came up at the conference. And it ranged from the statement "don't step on the accelerator so much" to adapting to sensors which don't just control  but also modify driving behavior – for instance, in safeguarding safe distances.

What did we ourselves learn? Our efforts to focus Navigation increasingly on users and not just drivers, but also dispatchers and transport fleet operators seems confirmed. And it is important to make the Navigation a part of a larger solution – into a seamlessly integrated functional unit (we also see that in the interest of our SDK). A fleet manager can only utilize the savings effects when Navigation becomes a more natural and comfortable part of industry solutions.

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