Connectivity test: MirrorLink from VW (Video)

MirrorLink is the product of CarConnectivity Consortium (CCC), to which VW, Honda and Peugeot, among others, have joined forces.

All new Volkswagen cars are already equipped with this technology. We have adapted MapTrip to this technology and tested it in a VW, which we documented by video.

In the MirrorLink technology, the screen contents of the smartphone is transferred to the car via cable; touching the touch screen transmits back to the smartphone. All functions work perfectly and MapTrip also looks very good on the screen.

Just one small drawback: the implementation is indeed simple, but the manual is a challenge! We are happy to make our (acquired) knowledge available to other software vendors and have compiled the most important information in a manual.

Download the MirrorLink manual

Complex certification
During certification it is checked whether the app is "automotive-friendly", i.e. contrasts, operability, font sizes, etc. You can also have the app certified in different levels.

Please refer to our white paper for more information about MirrorLink and other connectivity technologies.

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