Editing maps - is it useful?

In the past we have modified the standard map material for some customers. For which industries does this make sense and what are the benefits for you as a customer?

When you use MapTrip, you can choose between maps from TomTom, Here, and OpenStreetMap. All of these producers update their maps several times a year, and these changes are included in the updates we provide to you. 

We also allow you to individually edit maps, or commission us to do so. Modifications can be implemented with or without geometries. Geometries means road data with certain attributes, such as whether trucks are allowed on the street, whether it is a one-way street, or if turning is permitted, to mention just a few examples. Some changes to attributes are easy to implement, while others are rather difficult.

Useful for fire departments

Roads are often closed due to traffic management, while fire engines are still allowed through to enable them to get to the fire or accident as quickly as possible. Gateway attributes frequently do not apply to emergency vehicles, either: pedestrian zones, changes to the direction of travel, or similar do not apply to rescue services in case of an emergency. Yet at the same time rescue crews need to know whether their vehicle can even get through to the scene of the accident via this shortcut. What is needed in this case are the widths and heights of the passageways (such as bridges), maximum weight allowances, or even blockades such as boulders, the likes of which are increasingly being deployed in front of pedestrian zones. Emergency drivers are well trained, but they simply cannot be familiar with every little detail. Having a tailor-made emergency map can be very beneficial, especially in an emergency.


Also useful for garbage collection

Waste management companies and municipalities also benefit from individually edited maps. The display of small, unpaved roads and paths helps drivers to find their way around on their routes. And garbage collection is sometimes also exempt from regular traffic management, much like rescue services. This generally pertains to turn restrictions or driving on closed or private roads. After all, the garbage must be picked up. That's why these exemptions are in place. MapTrip FollowMe also offers an off-road and event function. We developed these three functions to make it easier for new or substitute drivers to get around and increase their efficiency.


We would be glad to advise you whether and when map editing is possible and useful. Simply give us a call.