En route – but where the heck are the roads?

For us as a navigation specialist choosing the right route is a key issue. Not only here locally but also across borders. But route planning is not always easy – it requires a good road network. We have put together a visual representation to see how it looks...

A view of the road network density in Europe

For someone living in Central Europe, it stands to reason. There is a road from X to Y. But that's not necessarily true for the whole of Europe.

It all started with a call from a customer with a story about a “trip from hell” in Belarus. Difficulties that we hardly could have imagined have shown us that navigation in some countries can be a real challenge – not because of a lack of driving skills, but quite simply because the infrastructure does not exist.

Because we found it hard to believe, we created a map – with some surprising results. As expected, extreme road density, shown here in red, can be found in the metropolitan areas only – but who would have thought that some areas would show up so undeveloped in deep dark blue?

We take our hats off to the kings of the road, because there are obviously areas where our navigation system, as professional as it may be, is only of limited assistance.

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