Everything for navigation: Interface news in MapTrip 3.6

MapTrip has more to offer than just a navigation solution: Highly developed interfaces for the integration of navigation functions in external applications ranging from logistics to dispatching. Exactly these APIs have now been further improved. Read on to find out how!

Geodata and the role of APIs

Navigation functions are needed in many applications. Logisticians and dispatchers value such solid route guidance in their industry solutions. Our partners offer precisely such solutions – with infoware navigation of course. The interface functions of MapTrip 3.6 were consistently improved as well, making the integration of navigation in commercial solutions even easier. For users from truck drivers to service technicians, this means a cohesive workflow – the way working efficiently is made possible today.

Here is a look at the innovations.

·        MapTrip now sends information to the industry solution via stopped, paused or ongoing route guidance. This not only makes the recording function easier, user comfort is also enhanced since the industry application can be brought up again on the screen automatically after every interruption.

·        The next navigation manoeuvre is also displayed directly within the industry solution if desired, while MapTrip itself remains in the background.

·        Now it is also possible to enter navigation settings through the industry solution – without the user seeing MapTrip.

·        Even route simulation can be launched within the industry solution via the interface. This makes it possible for developers to test the planned route and model the entire functionality of the commercial application.

·        In order to avoid overloading the hardware on the customer side, MapTrip now features load balancing: Only as much information as the receiving system can process is sent over the interface. More precisely: MapTrip checks via the API whether there is a backlog in the message stack and adapts sending new information accordingly. The buffer size can be individually configured in MapTrip and the industry application receives a warning if too many messages accumulate in the buffer.

·        It is possible to zoom at any point via the interface, presenting a large view of what the driver is interested in.

·        The industry application can also show and hide own points of interest – freely definable locations such as delivery points or customer addresses, with their own icons in the desired size.

The new features in the API mean added convenience for our partners and make life even easier for users as well.

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