24th symposium of ak dmaw in Bonn

January 20-21, 2020 in Bonn

EVS30 fair in Stuttgart: infoware presents Connected Electronic Horizon for electric vehicles

Determining the range of electric vehicles more precisely, supported by the Connected Electronic Horizon from the navigation manufacturer infoware. Because it provides the vehicle with information about the route that lies much further ahead than the vehicle sensors can capture. The strategic energy planning for hybrid and electric vehicles can now be calculated even more accurately.

The Connected Electronic Horizon is a server-based system that exchanges real-time data with the motorcar. It receives tracking data from the vehicle and in turn provides the car with information about the road conditions and the traffic situation ahead of the area measured by the sensors. The vehicle receives detailed route information over the cloud in the form of digital maps or weather and traffic conditions, to name just a few. This means the car knows in advance what is coming before it can even view and measure the route. 

The digital maps play an important role in electric vehicles. This is because the range of the battery is not only determined by the weight or the battery charge, but also on the route ahead. Inclines mean higher consumption, as do braking and acceleration maneuvers due to curves, traffic lights or slow-moving traffic. 

Another application of the Connected Electronic Horizon is in cruise control automation (i.e. the automatic adjustment of speed to speed limits, slippery roads, etc.).  

infoware already has Connected Electronic Horizon in operational use and also gained some practical experience with it. At EVS30, infoware demonstrates that this application is greatly relevant not only for the Connected Car but also for electric vehicles. Learn more about this interesting and future oriented topic at the infoware Stand 14 in Hall 1. The trade fair EVS 30 takes place from October 9-11th 2017 in Stuttgart.