Focus on the simple route – a major improvement in MapTrip 3.6

It is all about the best route: One of the most important improvements in MapTrip 3.6 is dedicated to driving comfort. After all, who really wants to take the fastest route if it turns into an obstacle course? And what is wrong with taking a proven route anyway?

Straightforward route planning

Those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel have learned to appreciate convenience. That also applies to route planning. Who hasn’t waited for minutes on end while waiting to make a left turn, with a small traffic jam behind them? The new version of MapTrip calculates inner-city routes in particular so they are easy to drive but nevertheless lead to the destination quickly. Turns are restricted to a minimum but without putting up with detours. Proven reference routes can also be provided as an option – an additional function that is licensed separately, useful especially for truck drivers without detailed local knowledge since they benefit from what the “old hands” in the trucking business know.

From a technical perspective, the route calculation is based on a sophisticated algorithm that prefers roundabouts or routes without turns. A comparison of the time required is performed, resulting in a route that is relaxing to drive without taking a long time. Navigation is of course based on the latest map data. Specified reference routes are optionally transferred to MapTrip as CSV or NMEA files and can be accessed under “Reference Route”.

Simply request the new version in order to get a feel for the new “way of thinking” employed by MapTrip navigation! Send a quick e-mail to vertrieb@infoware.de and experience the difference.

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