Follow-me for the optimum route

Merely navigating to a destination is far from the end of navigation. What if following a specific route is mandatory? What if you need proof as well? And there are some hurdles for special vehicles? Follow-me is the solution – with popular functionality.

Follow-me proves itself in practice

Not only supply and disposal companies but municipalities too are increasingly using the follow-me functionality – and making positive experiences. The solution makes it possible to take a route planned in the office or previously driven, and follow it with the help of navigation. But – who needs that? Waste collection vehicles for example have to follow a specific route – sometimes also in two directions, for example when there is a green strip in the centre. Not to mention that they require proof of where they have been and where they unloaded. A scheduler too will appreciate the ability to transfer a proven route. This can ensure that hazardous goods, for example, are only transported along approved routes.



There are many such scenarios where predefined routes have to be followed. Collection points or stops can be taken into account, as can sections that are off limits for certain types of transport, as well as route changes. A log file is created in the on-board computer for comprehensive documentation. The route that is actually driven is recorded, along with omitted route sections if any. Municipal services such as garbage collection or supply and disposal equipment maintenance firms will appreciate that.

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