infoware and dff solutions – joining forces in transport logistics

dff solutions from Göttingen in Germany is our new partner. As part of the PDS Group, dff solutions supplies the full range of products from hardware over infrastructure through mobile systems. Customers for the individually developed modular systems are usually companies from the transport logistics sector, especially those who deal with food logistics. The professional MapTrip navigation system from infoware is now also included in their mobile software applications.

infoware and dff solutions – joining forces in transport logistics

dff solutions develops a solution that is precisely tailored to the industry and customer requirements for each and every one of its customers. This also applies to navigation, as customers now expect special navigation functions that are tailored to their daily processes.

Because we are very flexible in our approach, infoware is exactly the right partner for this, and we can program and customize special wishes quickly and accurately. In addition, our professional software development kit (SDK), which we have developed over the last few years, already contains numerous functions for a wide range of industries. The MapTrip SDK now incorporates more than 10 years of development and innovation, and this is reflected in its efficient integration possibilities and reliable functionality.

Easy sliding between multiple screen views (companions), multi-view, or also our reference route module, to name just a few, are the hallmarks of the well-designed usability of our navigation system, especially for professional use.

We look forward to great cooperation and interesting projects with dff solutions!


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