24th symposium of ak dmaw in Bonn

January 20-21, 2020 in Bonn

infoware and PDI Partner to Provide Safe Navigation for the Transport of Dangerous Goods with MapTrip

We are delighted to have a new vendor in PDI, who is offering MapTrip’s navigation technology in OilDroid, the company's logistics software for the mineral oil industry.

PDI, a leading global provider of enterprise software solutions to the convenience retail, wholesale petroleum and logistics industries, selected MapTrip to power the navigational component of its comprehensive logistics software, OilDroid—a tablet-based, in-truck computer solution. 

Oil and gas are dangerous goods that must be transported as safely as possible on public roads. Trucks that are transporting these commodities are therefore not allowed to drive on every road, and they must adhere to the European ADR guidelines. The dangerous goods version of our MapTrip Truck Navigation complies with these ADR guidelines and ensures that the areas and roads that are not permissible for a given cargo are excluded from the planned route. 

PDI, whose EMEA headquarters is located in Offenbach, Germany, offers a full breadth of logistics management and mobility solutions with real-time functionality for the delivery process, vehicle monitoring, and electronically measuring the fill level in the tanks. The company’s OilDroid software integration with MapTrip Truck Navigation helps guide drivers along the best and fastest route to the next delivery point pursuant to the ADR guidelines. 

OilDroid customers can simply choose which navigation they wish to use. The advantages MapTrip offers for this industry, combined with its robust functionality and proven ability to interface with multiple systems, contributed to PDI’s decision to partner with the company.

"After meticulously surveying the market, we decided to work with infoware, because the product and the partnership-based approach to finding solutions is the right fit for us," according to Jürgen Spanuth, Managing Director & Global Account Director, PDI.

PDI and infoware have successfully implemented projects in the past in cases where PDI customers opted for MapTrip as the preferred navigation solution. 

The beneficiary of the latest project is one of the largest freight forwarders in Scandinavia, who specializes in the transport of dangerous goods. The first phase of the project which already started will include 40 vehicles.