Infoware Broadens Electronic Horizon

The electronic horizon of infoware is an important element on the way to safe, autonomous driving. Via its continuous linking with the cloud it exchanges dynamic data in real time. As of now we have integrated additional information on slopes. This can be used for a better gearing control and helps to reduce gas consumption.

Cars can see further than 250 m

Autonomous driving is one of the key-topics in the future of the automobile industry. One of its major components is our electronic horizon. Cameras and sensors in cars have a range of about 250 m. Beyond, the electronic horizon kicks in which steers the vehicles with foresight.

The MPP Adjusts Automatically

As soon as you start driving, the MPP – Most Probable Path – is calculated. This happens independently of previous destinations and also, if no destination is programmed. The MPP primarily selects the bigger roads. If you turn off the chosen route into a side road, the MPP flexibly adjusts instantly. This way it is guaranteed that the data of the road ahead of you is being updated correctly.

infoware Combines Dynamic and Static Data

By constant linking with the cloud the electronic horizon of infoware is fed with information such as traffic control, speed limits or the weather forecast. This data can change very quickly and therefore, it is updated in real time. In addition, static ADAS-Data (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is analysed. This is highly exact data of street views by TomTom or Here. This way, vehicles are steered in the ideal curve radius. Also the transmission and the motor will adjust if the vehicle is informed early enough about upcoming slopes.

Demo Version in Google PlayStore

Our electronic horizon is already being tested by customers and is constantly refined and optimized. For more information about the electronic horizon you can find our demo version app of the MapTrip Road Companion in the Google PlayStore.

The electronic horizon of infoware provides you with dynamic off-board-data of the cloud and the static on-board-data of your vehicle. Details of the street view ahead of you are predicted where cameras and sensors don’t reach.

  • type of road
  • curve radius
  • slopes
  • number of lanes
  • traffic information
  • speed limits
  • weather forecast



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