infoware earns the Motorola quality seal

infoware is certified! Now our navigation software is a Motorola Validated Solution. What does that mean? We are an integrated part of the Motorola world because our navigation software runs trouble-free on the company's mobile devices – and we have that in black and white.

MapTrip for Motorola: confidence that it works

MapTrip has once again proven its ease of integration. For us this confirms what we already knew: MapTrip is ideal for mobile platforms. Now the Motorola seal of quality is visible proof that we emphasised the quality of our software redesign as well as the reliability and security of our solution. MapTrip was put on the test stand in the Motorola Solution Centre.

What does Motorola test? The seamless integration of our navigation software with the company's products and the ability to use navigation quickly and with outstanding results. For customers, this guarantees that MapTrip truly works smoothly with other components of their mobile solution – in our case Motorola TC55 and MC65. Try it out!

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