infoware is the new member of the ak dmaw

We have recently become a full member of the ak dmaw, the working group on data management in environmental and waste management. Its goal is the customer-oriented optimization of the communication and information systems in the industry and to make better use of these systems.

The challenges facing the use of vehicles in household waste collection are becoming increasingly complex. That is why we want to use our membership to support the waste management sector with new digital navigation solutions and focus on the daily work of the drivers. With our navigation know-how, we will help to make driving the daily routes easier and more efficient.

We have already developed special navigation software for the collection of household waste, MapTrip FollowMe. This solution guides the vehicles with pinpoint accuracy through the route and offers many special features specific to the industry. It makes it easier for "old hands" to drive different routes, while giving new drivers the necessary certainty to follow the correct route and not to miss or forget any collecting points.

MapTrip FollowMe supplements existing route planning software with a very handy, digital assistant to use on the daily collection routes.

We look forward to close cooperation with our partners in the ak dmaw.

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