Infoware presents: Killer curves on German roads

We have surveyed the road network in Germany for dangerous curves. Using a well-functioning search pattern, we have found about 5,000 killer curves that "close" after the vertex; meaning they become tighter and tighter. This makes them both a real challenge and a threat to motorcyclists.

We did test drives through about 25 of the dangerous curves that we have identified. And in fact, every one of the flagged curves posed a specific challenge! Every single curve had to be approached with special attentiveness – you could not simply lean into and roll through them. This confirmed to us that our search pattern provides useful results. Of course, we are still dealing with hot-off-the-press prototypes, but the proof of the concept is in the bag!

We have now documented and displayed the killer curves on a map. This killer curve index is suitable for the following application scenarios:

  • Integration into our electronic horizon
  • Dedicated app for motorcyclists
  • Killer curve trip planner for motorcyclists ("I want to do a tour. Plan a 50km long route with as many of these curves as possible for me!")

It is especially important for motorcyclists to know these killer curves or have them pointed out shortly before going into them. In 2014 nearly 7,000 motorcycle accidents caused by excessive speed have been recorded. Inclusion in special motorcycle apps simply makes sense – and it increases safety and fun when roaring through these dangerous curves.

Picture it for yourself. Follow this link to the map with all the dangerous curves identified in Germany: Visit Google Maps »

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