Know exactly when you will arrive

A scheduler plans a route – optimised based on a variety of considerations. Perfect down to the details. Then there is a traffic jam... Yet we know when the delivery will arrive – exactly.

MapTrip Stauprognose

Of course you can never know about an accident or other cause in advance. Yet we have achieved very high precision in calculating the arrival time. We realised this by dividing the route into 3 sections. While the current flow of traffic is considered for short distances, predictive data from TomTom are incorporated in the calculation for trips up to one hour. Longer distances are calculated based on statistical traffic flow data and information about longer-term obstructions such as construction. The combination of these 3 time calculation results leads to a very exact arrival time.

A scheduler can see in real time whether the planning still fits and is able to respond. This makes it easier to meet delivery obligations and inform customers of possible changes in a timely manner – those who feel well informed are going to value this service.

The driver gets suggestions for alternative routes and a detailed traffic jam list that includes specific events. This makes it easier to decide whether re-routing is expedient. All results are available at a touch on demand – just the way familiar everyday smart phones work. Because: User comfort is a priority for us.



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