Lots about navigation at Telematics Update

Telematics Update and navigation – that goes together. Discussions and presentations regarding trends such as autonomous driving, cars as data collectors and the smart phone-automotive convergence – also with and for navigation – show that we are not the only ones who consider this a burning issue. What we took away ...

Telematics Update – dynamic route guidance for the networked car

A car is a sensor. That was the tone at Telematics Update. With very good attendance, it confirmed what we already knew: There are impending changes in the automotive sector.


Vehicles capture their surroundings with 360 degree cameras, ultrasound and radar. Driver assistance systems are increasingly gaining popularity – unless we move directly to autonomous driving. No wonder automobile manufacturers are realigning themselves and also paying more attention to maps and routes. Cars are turning into data collectors – even for information that is currently not available in that form. This can range from weather-dependent road conditions to extremely detailed traffic data (e.g. driving speed per lane).

It is interesting to note that the infotainment sector is paying more attention to navigation as well. Mirrorlink is a major topic. For us too!

Smart phones and OEMs are grappling for leadership in the car: Who sets the tone in the vehicle? The latest smart phone or the perfectly integrated in-dash unit?

The crucial point for us was that everyone was asking: How are dynamic data integrated in navigation? (Speed cameras, traffic, fuel prices, optimum route, black ice etc.) What is done with the data – how are they made usable – also for route determination or navigation, and what is a meaningful way to embed them? We already do this for logistics and disposal companies – but we are working on solutions for the major vehicle makes as well. Our MapTrip navigation solution is not only customisable, it also features extensions and add-ons for a wide variety of functionality as well as a large selection of available base maps, traffic data and other useful information. Our discussions at the trade fair in Munich were correspondingly intense.

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