MapTrip 4.0 – a navigation system that thinks for you

We could spend days talking about MapTrip 4.0. Meanwhile our listeners would pay attention with sparkling eyes, because it offers special goodies for everyone. We call one of these Companion Traffic. Why? Because the feature simply knows what you need when.

Maptrip40: Navigation, die mitdenkt

An example: Many of us always drive the same route, but turn on the navigation system to see the traffic situation. The voice directions tend to go on your nerves when you already know the route. Our Companion remains silent in this situation. Or: You always drive to the same destination in the morning. So it would be nice if the navigation system proposed that destination first – and conversely if the selection were automatically broader at a less usual time of day.

Since thinking for you is not always in demand, you can switch from one mode to another at a touch.

What seems so simple at first glance is nevertheless a premiere, because no navigation system has ever thought that far before.



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