MapTrip 4.0 – our pride and joy

The designs are outstanding, clear and comprehensible – thank you Olivier Pineda. And they are backed by enhanced performance. The new version of the infoware navigation solution is the pride of our developers. We have taken a huge technology leap by developing features that are currently unique in the industry.

Maptrip40: Darauf sind wir stolz

Customers and partners who were given a sneak preview of the new MapTrip 4.0 even before it became available confirm this assertion with their enthusiastic feedback.

We are going to explore the various features in more detail in the articles that follow. But let’s start with this: An entirely new, innovative development in MapTrip 4.0 sets the standard: The combination of various data transforms the navigation system into a crystal ball.

In concrete terms: We know a traffic jam is developing even before the cars stop moving. This is accomplished by combining information from three sources: Knowledge about the current traffic flow (green means go, red means stop) combined with forecast data looking ahead by up to one hour. Statistical data for the respective section of the route constitutes the third component – the average driving speed at the respective time of day.

That is truly a new dimension which was not found in any navigation system before. No wonder we are proud of it. Anyone can merely find the way to a destination. But finding the best route for the time of day, traffic situation and the respective vehicle with all its limitations – that is an art form, and that is our passion.




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