Maptrip again received recognition as the best traffic app

The infoware MapTrip navigation system has done it again. As in 2015, it again garnered the coveted Apps Magazine award for the best traffic app in the consumer version in 2016.

The magazine in particular praises the fact that, in addition to its excellent traffic functions, MapTrip has numerous meaningful and useful features that make navigating modern road traffic more pleasant and safer. This is very important to us, and this is why the following features have been integrated in the free basic version available on the AppStore, such as showing the cheapest filling station in the area, the speed camera warning, and the speed limit indicator. If the traffic situation changes, MapTrip instantaneously calculates an alternative route. For only € 2.99 per month, the Premium version offers additional features such as warning against mobile speed cameras, live display of the traffic situation (free, slow-flowing, traffic jam), a lane assistant for complex intersections and top quality maps from TomTom.

MapTrip not only is a navigation system, but also an intelligent driver assistance system that truly shows its mettle in daily use when there are multiple routes to choose from. MapTrip will always calculate the fastest route available to you and guide you to it.

By the way, we regularly check this by testing it against other navigation apps. We did our last test against TomTom and won by a narrow margin! Are you interested in the details about this? You can get it all here!

The consumer version of MapTrip is based on our highly professional MapTrip Business App and the Software Development Kit (SDK).

This SDK gives our B2B customers access to more than 400 different functions for our professional MapTrip app. Our special applications MapTrip FollowMe for waste management companies and public utilities and MapTrip Truck Navigation originate from this SDK. MapTrip is available in the Google Play Store and in the iOS version it will soon be in the Apple App Store.

Try it, navigation with MapTrip puts the fun back into driving!

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