MapTrip – Now With New Social-Media-Services from the Cloud

As developer of navigation software we ourselves have fun using MapTrip and try out new things, which can be helpful for one or the other customer. Very recently we integrated two web services – Glympse and What3Words into our Google PlayStore version. With the help of these you can, if you wish, inform anybody you chose about your current location or destination in a completely new fashion.

Glympse: Where are you at the moment?

Glympse is a new social-media-service which tells others in real time about your location. Glympse is not only useful for private purposes, but also for professional purposes. You simply chose a contact, decide on the period of view sharing, and send it. This way customers and colleagues can see, where exactly you are on the way to meet them. The other person is fully informed and no calls are necessary. Reversed, Glympse can be asked to find out for instance where the delayed colleague is.

Developer.Plot.Hike – Yes, You Can Find Us Also Without Address.

What3Words is a new service which divides the world into squares of 3m by 3m, each owning an address of three words. This is often much more precise than the postal address; it is easier to keep in mind and communicate and more importantly, it works for countries and places where there is no exact address. In this case you can use What3Words ideally as a substitute for coordinates: You are driving through a construction site with no street signs yet, or, you are to find places in pure nature, parks or on fields. Maybe you are on the road in a foreign city, where you can find the same street name several times. There are many possibilities for usage, where What3Words facilitate navigation and search.

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