MapTrip – quenching summer thirst

How MapTrip has revolutionized delivery routes in Spain... Our collaboration with Esri proves successful once again. We are now delivering water together, or to be more precise, we are helping Aquaservice to do so.


In Spain, Aquaservice supplies over a million residential customers on a daily basis. The company also serves some 110,000 business customers and deploys MapTrip, a professional navigation software solution, to ensure everyone gets their water on time.

The delivery service procedure is very straightforward. Customers automatically receive supplies after a certain period of time or they place orders online. Nobody wants to wait long for water and orders placed at short notice also have to be dealt with quickly. This presents a logistical challenge for dispatchers. They have to quickly adapt planned routes to ensure optimal service and to keep track of costs.

This is where MapTrip comes into play. A state-of-the-art navigation system that could be integrated into the existing order management system was required. Esri Spain and its partner Eptisa developed an end-to-end solution for Aquaservice where ArcGIS and the network analyst technology was integrated into the existing ERP system. MapTrip was an integral component.

Our MapTrip navigation system now runs on the Aquaservice drivers’ handheld devices. All relevant data is automatically fed into the navigation system on the mobile. The system was rolled out in January 2015 and is now used by all of Sodawasser Aquaservice’s 150 drivers, providing them with optimal delivery sequences for some 7,500 destinations a day overall and indicating the best possible routes.

An end to dry spells

The benefits immediately became evident for the company after integration was completed. The route optimization reduced journey times and therefore saved petrol. The destinations are completely integrated into the route automatically which means drivers do not have to perform any additional tasks. This saves time, avoids frayed nerves and increases flexibility.

Customer benefits: the arrival times calculated are more accurate and the service more reliable as the back office is aware of the current status of vehicles at all times.

MapTrip and integration go together like H2 & O

Our Aquaservice solution has once again confirmed our capabilities. MapTrip’s integration capacity is unbeatable. Drivers are pleased they do not require any extra devices or have to rely on their gut instinct when driving. Instead, the familiar handheld provides everything they need. At first glance, little may appear to have changed but the benefits of the new system have a huge impact: route optimization, data exchange in real-time and much more besides. Are you interested? Find out for yourself by testing the free version of the MapTrip app from the Google PlayStore now.

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