MapTrip versus TomTom – who is the winner?

We regularly test our MapTrip navigation system against other service providers. This time we've taken on TomTom as a strong opponent! The test was particularly exciting because both cars drove with the same maps and traffic information from TomTom.

This is how the test went:

In this case, we drove around Cologne and Bonn during the morning and evening rush hour of early November. The two competing trips were done in two cars at the same time and the route prescribed by the navigation systems and the specified speed limits were strictly kept to. In one car MapTrip was used, while TomTom was used simultaneously in the other car to reach the same destination. We randomly selected nine sub-destinations, to which the two navigation systems suggested different routes. We drove to these and checked who arrived first.

We got two results this time:

1. MapTrip gets you to your destination faster.

To pass by the same sub-destinations in succession, the TomTom car needed a total of 5% longer. The TomTom car spent a full 5 hours and 44 minutes on the road. The MapTrip car needed only 5 hours and 26 minutes though. This means a difference of 18 minutes – or 5%.

2. MapTrip calculates the estimated time of arrival (ETA) more precisely.

This can be seen when comparing the calculated and the actual duration of the trip. TomTom took longer for all legs than originally calculated. In contrast, the MapTrip car was even faster a few times. All in all, our ETA was much more accurate and precise than that of TomTom.

As we are working with the same maps, this means the test results show that our software is better!

We run these benchmarks regularly to test and compare the actual performance of MapTrip in real situations. This is the only way we can ensure that our product promise "as the best driver assistance system that always chooses the best route" also passes the practical test.

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