Navi extreme – the self-test

How short can the shortest way actually be? We have set ourselves no limits: everything is allowed – and if you have to go through a fence? This, one can only do as a biker, of course – and with a professional navigation system that takes everything into account. For us, this can only be MapTrip, naturally. The diretissimato to the Nürburgring – now on film.

With exact navigation and some wild driving. When the shortest route takes no account of the road.

It was simply mega cool. It all started in the fall with the idea to once just go straight. At least as straight as possible – with enduros of course. Destination: The ultimate for racing fans: the Nürburgring. Starting point: our office in Bonn.

And just by planning the route we had a whole lot of fun: Country road, main road, stairs, dirt trail – everything is allowed. With the one question always as a guiding beacon, where can we cut another few metres off the approximately 60 km. MapTrip has worked out an ingenious route that has really exhausted every possibility. The underlying OSM maps were also extremely helpful.

The route really incorporated everything: wild and mild, improvisation and precise planning. The demands on man and machine and our driving skills were quite extreme. But it all worked out and we could rely 100 per cent on our MapTrip navigation. Of course, we had our fair share of luck – no foresters, or wild bulls, running amok, a hole in the fence at the right time and at the end a fantastic, unobstructed view of the well-used race track. Not to mention another facility of interest, and a good restaurant, of course.

Our conclusion: the truly shortest route is not suitable for everyone and it demands a lot from the driver, the vehicle and perhaps of the residents along the way. But, the Navi has passed the endurance test brilliantly, the timing was on schedule, except for 5 minutes (which were due to searching for the hole in the fence), and we have once again learned that anything is possible with the right and properly functioning technology. See for yourself: Navi extreme – the self-test

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