Navi-News May: You should know this.

  • 3D buildings on the map
  • MapTrip Truck for the disposal industry
  • supplying gas stations in the Baltic

3D Buildings on the Map

3D Building integration on any map contributes to a better orientation. Especially in big cities it is helpful to have an important landmark. Therefore, we added the ‘highlights’ of every city, now integrated in MapTrip.

MapTrip Truck for the Disposal Industry

We are welcoming our new customer Prologa from Halle (Saale), who uses MapTrip Truck for the first time in its innovative software of the disposal industry.

 Visit website of PROLOGA »

Supplying Gas Stations in the Baltic with MapTrip

And another new customer, who chose MapTrip: Statoil, an internationally operating energy venture which will be supplying gas stations in the Baltic with MapTrip Truck.

Visit website of Statoil »



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