Navigation for the future – the acquisition of Here sends out a signal

Do the cars of tomorrow still need navigation systems? Apparently so, for just recently...

...during the course of the concluded acquisition of Here by BMW, Daimler, and Audi – BMW CEO Harald Krüger opined that Nokia’s navigation service Here would “play a key role in the digital revolution of mobility”. It’s true, because after all, self-driving cars are supposed to be on the increase, whereby they not only coast safely through the traffic, but provide the driver – so long as this is even at all needed – with the greatest possible comfort. In spite of everything, even the fastest on-board computer cannot find the correct route without a database containing precisely mapped streets, country roads, and motorways.

However, the navigation system is just as important as a detailed and widely diversified compilation of maps. Without an intuitive user interface and great deal of intelligence behind it, even the best map material is of no good. And without clever route calculation, the most clearly structured user interface will also prove to be useless.

In view of the next curve

As a navigation service provider, we therefore see the acquisition of Here as a clear sign: navigation and – as in the case of Here – map data, are of enormous importance to the automobile industry. This means that the expertise of infoware is also of extremely great value.

The acquisition of Here was in all probability designed to obtain detailed map data and refine this with already existing maps for an autonomous automotive market. The fact that every automobile manufacturer will continue to develop its own navigation software (or have it developed by a partner) represents a great opportunity for us.

This is because our software is like a supportive link between the available on-board computers and their map data. The advantage? MapTrip knows the best routes, or to be more precise, calculates the most efficient routes based on existing maps and the particular requirements of individual industries or vehicles. Plenty of projects have shown that this is more effective than many other navigation systems – for example at Aquaservice, a water supplier for which MapTrip optimised the transport routes. On these grounds, we now have the opportunity to become an essential part of the car revolution, or put differently: the navigation systems of tomorrow.

By the way: MapTrip is not only available as a B2B solution with integration options – much better: we have made our expertise accessible to everyone. MapTrip has recently become available to consumers. Simply download it in the Google PlayStore and test the free version. If required, additional features such as a speed camera warning, petrol station finder, and the ability to bypass traffic jams can be activated at any time with the premium version.

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