Navigation in self-test – infoware on the road

Have fun with navigation. And if you are an enthusiastic biker and want to try something completely different for a change, this is just the thing for you. Infoware motorcycles take you on a whole new route from Bonn to the Nürburgring – and everything is allowed. The basis for this somewhat different navigation is MapTrip, of course.

Stairs? Footpath? It makes no difference! The main thing is to be on the right route – and stay on course.

The route planning itself becomes an experience – when you enter a few different parameters. Any route goes, as long as the destination is reached: the Nürburgring, 60 km from the starting point in Bonn. The navigation specialists and hobby bikers from infoware want to test exactly how MapTrip navigates, find secret paths and discover how direct the shortest route actually can be. This puts the solution to the test – and obviously also the driving skills of the “tester”. More map data must be processed, information mainly from OSM form the basis of the unusual route planning.

How far the planning has progressed, though, remains a mystery, just like the actual start date. All the same, the holder for the Navi is installed and the GoPro cameras are ready. And the navigation professionals at infoware eagerly await the results of the MapTrip acid test.

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