Navigation meets design

Technical perfection alone is not enough if you offer a product such as navigation. It must also look good and provide some fun. When it comes to functionality, infoware is right up there at the top but now visual effectiveness is also asked for: our experience with the design and the artists...

Le style – c’est tout!

What symbols and icons are understood immediately? How does a good user guide look like? How must the display be laid out? Good design is indeed a matter of taste, but it is important that it works.

The design of the user interfaces and user experience in our navigation solution was a job that we wanted to leave in the hands of a real pro. In our research, we kept coming across one name: Olivier Pineda. Infoware professionals were united in their agreement: His crisp and clean designs match with our navigation solution perfectly.

Everything about this man says design – from the tattoo to the hairstyle. It was already clear at the first meeting: Style is lived and also passionately defended in discussions. The lively discussions sometimes sounded like a veritable Tower of Babel and the services of an experienced French-speaking staff member were much appreciated.

Our ideas of a light-hearted design that brings a smile to users were greeted with something close to indignation: Gimmicks and gadgetry in a clean design – what horror! Deviating from the essence – simply impossible. We were quickly and easily persuaded; after all, the user guide should be as easy to understand as the route guidance. The quest of fusing our solid engineering and Olivier’s single-minded sense of style has found a common denominator: the pursuit of clarity and minimalism.

No wonder then that the end result has convinced us: a well-styled concept with an engaging, no-frills design in which the user does not get lost. “It is perfect when you can’t take anything away anymore,” is the credo of Olivier. The screens are ready and we look forward to a cool map layout!

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