Navigation on tablets – the new MapTrip V3.6 for Android is here!

Now you can navigate with MapTrip using the ergonomic tile design using the latest map data – optimised for tablets and smart phones. The interfaces are new as well: We have once again significantly expanded our APIs, making them more intelligent – as clever as our route planning for cars and trucks has always been. A look at the innovations is worthwhile!

Navigation auch mit Tablets

Übersichtliches Kacheldesign

Cool navigation and interfaces with added features

Routing at its best: With MapTrip 3.6, we not only count on the latest map material (as of March 2014) – thanks to optimisation, the application now looks just as good on the tablet as it does on the smart phone.

Then there are new features: We have made improvements in routing, especially for inner-city use. The current version is therefore of interest to anyone who drives a lot: In a truck or passenger car. Commercial vehicles mainly benefit from improved navigation through difficult areas such as residential streets.

Our software developers have good reason to be proud: MapTrip navigation looks really good in the ergonomic tile design. The software was not just visually styled, a lot has happened with the interfaces as well. This will be valued by our integration partners, especially in logistics. Here is a look at the new API features:

·        Load balancing in the interface for improved stability.

·        Information such as stopping route guidance also flows into the logistics solution through the interface (also in case of follow me).

·        The route simulation can be launched via the interface.

·        The settings dialogue is accessible through the interface as well.

·        Points of interest defined in the end product are shown on the map by request – with their own icons and in the desired size.

·        In order for navigation to truly work, it is possible to zoom at any point through the interface.

·        Navigation information can be displayed directly in the customer application via the interface.

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