Navigation on the ConnecteDriver Conference

The motorcar is a computer. And a means of transportation. These two in combination means – among other things – spatial data in motion – so also navigation. So when the ConnecteDriver Conference is all about the future of the Connected Car and Connected Driver, infoware is a must topic. Shall we meet in Brussels on 28 and 29 January?

The right route on the ConnecteDriver Conference

Maptrip must be there – precisely our thoughts when we heard about the congress on intelligent motorcars for the first time. No matter whether a car drives by itself or whether the driver does not want to let go of control: a route must always be planned, driven and information about it processed – usually in real time. And this is exactly why we as navigation specialists is in the right place at the ConnecteDriver Conference in Brussels.

There are a lot of trends at Connected Car that also has an impact on the navigation business. The more the interface between car and driver or user develops, the more data around the route may also become relevant. Whether this is then evaluated or implemented by the car, the driver, or both, for the navigation itself this is not decisive. After all, in the final instance it’s about getting from A to B as smoothly, quickly and cheaply as possible – no matter who or what is driving and what may be taking place during the journey in terms of information or entertainment. What is important, though, is the type and the amount of data that flow into this navigation and also the speed and flexibility with which these facts are implemented.

We have come up with a lot of ideas for Maptrip that makes navigation and routing more flexible and efficient. Starting with the simple implementation of a multi-stop route, taking the typical or current road usage into account, the real distance to the selected petrol station or the need for driving comfort. Features that also make driving in Connected Cars more of an individual affair.

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