Navigation Trends 2015

Navigation requires a platform – this much is clear. But to which platform do users give their vote? Market researchers are seeing a clear trend: Android is the future! We have reacted to this finding in our development – and our partners are also directing new focus in this direction.

Navigation users prefer Android solutions

Forecasting is very popular at the turn of the year. However, the mobile world is particularly fast moving. Therefore: for us there is one clear direction, at least when it comes to platforms: although for the last two years the vast majority of systems have been based on Windows Mobile, the preference of users has clearly shifted towards Android. 78.5 percent was the proud global figure for the first quarter of 2014 – although the figure in Germany was still 66 percent*.

This seems likely to change again in the long-term, although the trend appears stable for at least the next 4-5 years. This sends a clear message regarding our current development – not least because new features are available on this platform, such as the integration of traffic information, fuel prices, and speed camera information for starters – and these features are sometimes exclusive to this platform. Android has clearly overtaken Windows Mobile when it comes to dynamic content – and our developers have also come to value the simpler implementation of services on this platform.

However, you don’t have to abandon one in order to use the other. We have placed our development focus on Android, without taking our eyes off the other platforms. For ultimately, the existing device pool, which for now still consists primarily of Windows Mobile devices, still has a very long lifespan. For this reason we will also continue to provide professional features (such as truck-friendly navigation, FollowMe or reference routes) for Windows Mobile. The advantage for our customers: the users of every platform benefit from synergy effects and innovations in the other respective platforms.

So which other trends to we see? Navigation is no longer simply the way from A to B. Traffic has become more complex and nowadays a navigation solution must take a host of dynamic factors and increasingly detailed information into account. And it must do this without impacting the ease of use or distracting the driver. For at the end of the day it is the driver for whom we want to make life simpler.

* Figures from mobile-studien.de

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