New in MapTrip: MultiView

ALL important information always in view: MultiView, the latest feature to upgrade our MapTrip and MapTrip Truck navigation systems.

A navigation system such as MapTrip contains a whole lot of useful information. As all the info could not fit on a single screen, you had to change the view as needed until now.

Our new MultiView feature makes life even easier for MapTrip users. You have the option to display the most important screens at the same time, so you always have an optimal overview of the route ahead, and of other information important to you.

It is especially during long trips that one often loses the overview. Where are the next stops? How many customers are still on the list? How many and which truck parking spaces are in the vicinity?

MultiView offers numerous possibilities to make the wealth of information available in MapTrip easier and more convenient to access.

In more detail this could look like this: To the left is the navigation view with the detailed instructions for the route ahead, to the right the route overview and the traffic information or perhaps a list of trips. MultiView supports three different screens, which can be selected individually by the driver or can be preset at the company’s premises.

The multiview mode is activated with a simple wipe to the right on the screen. It is suitable for all display sizes from 7 inches upwards.

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